internet opportunites are the perfect career for introverts

simply stephen / August 23, 2011

In a predominantly extroverted world, the Internet creates perfect work opportunities for introverts.

Here’s why.

Both introverts and extroverts often misunderstand what it means to be introverted. As an introvert, you need ample quiet time with limited stimulation and distraction.  If you are an extreme introvert, like me, you will need to moderate when and where that stimulation comes from.

In a daily work routine there are a multitude of energy vampires that may drain your battery:

  • traveling on public transport (to and from work)
  • listening to people on cell phones and gadgets
  • line ups at turn styles and shops
  • meetings – often where people expect immediate answers
  • interruptions in your office or cubicle (phone calls, greetings, interaction, etc.)
  • external noise such as chatter and music
  • unrealistic expectations to do things a certain way (kind of like teaching a fish to fly)

why does that make blogging the perfect job?

As an introvert, it is necessary to schedule events and limit the external flow of life so that you may recharge. At home you can decide when these activities are going to take place and what precautions you need to put in place.

  • going solo – blogging is usually a solitary activity (and the lack of direct interaction can drive an extrovert nuts)
  • silence – plenty of time for introspection and quiet time to help energize and gather thoughts
  • engagement – you decide when to socialize, email, telephone and interact
  • stimulation – you can turn off all external distractions
  • conversation – no office small talk…ahhhhhhh
  • no need for hype – that means you don’t have to draw attention to yourself, let it happen naturally
  • creative voice – you can choose when and how to share your ideas
  • criticism & judgment – the web becomes a buffer to reduce the quantity of unsolicited input
  • the perfect voice – the web is the best platform for a passive activist to support your causes and passions. It is a chance to be heard and express yourself with deep thought.
  • a passive sales channel – what better way then the web to set up an automated system
  • pace – when your energy is low, you can shift gears and schedule in a way that meets your clock. You can also learn and share at a pace that meets your current needs
  • energy – it leaves you with energy for other external activities and interests

Doesn’t that seem like the perfect job?

You have time to express and engage in an environment conducive to your mannerisms.

No judgment. Stimulation is not forced on you so you get a chance to build confidence and style. It’s an opportunity to let your true self shine through.

Do you have any other reasons why blogging is great as an introvert? I’d love to hear them.

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