introverted and proud of it

simply stephen / April 19, 2011

Today it’s time to make a declaration.

It’s no secret that I’m an introvert, although because I’m not shy and have done many risky things in my 43 years, many people confuse me with being an extrovert.

So here it is “I’m an introvert and I’m proud of it”.


I’ve said it.

I feel better now.

Why did I decide to do that?

It seems many introverts are concerned about being labelled introvert. They worry about how they fit in and what others say about them. They think they need to be extroverted because society pulls them that way. Some even tell them they need to be cured.

That pressure actually contributes to anxiety, stress and depression in many introverts. It’s an unwanted advance, no different than forcing yourself on a women or making a comment someone’s ethnicity. Those statements can make an introvert feel unwanted, unloved and broken.

That’s a shame.

You should embrace the great things that come with being an introvert.

Perhaps you are just shy or have anxiety. You can treat those things. As an introvert you can be as social as you need to be. All these things can be learned and practiced.

You are who you are.

be proud of who you are

Nothing is broken.

You don’t need fixing.

You have many unique gifts to share with the world.

Your brain is wired differently, not the wrong way. It process dopamine at different levels and retrieves information from a different part. You need time to process information but your insight and depth of knowledge contributes in many ways.

Your listening skills and level of empathy levels are valuable.

You probably have a keen sense of creativity or deep thought. Your actions are sensitive in an often cruel world. You dig intellect and in depth conversation.

So you require a recharge to get back on track…who cares. Go and get it. I love my down time. I write in a remote location and the little social time I get is perfect. I visit friends or do activities when I need to. I have a chance to engross myself in projects, writing and solitary activities. I create great stuff and help many people doing so.

I’m proud of my work, my life, my travels, my integrity and my introversion.

You should be too!

7 thoughts on “introverted and proud of it

  1. Susan…thanks for dropping by. Glad you loved the Introverted and Proud of it article. It’s time for introverts to embrace their life and raise awareness on the contributions we make to the world.

  2. Thank you for your declaration. It has taken me all my 39 years on this to realize I am not broken. I am happy and proud to be an introvert and a shy person, too.

  3. Thanks for dropping by…had a look at your site and will add it to my rss.

    Both introverts and extroverts experience shyness. I think many extroverts mistaken their shyness for introversion.

    I’m glad that you embrace your character traits. Everybody should be proud to be themselves and embrace themselves, flaws and all. Life is hard enough but in a society that values and pushes for outgoing people, introverts and shy people often feel set aside. Hopefully, we can help all people realize that we aren’t broken. We are all unique and special in our own way. Happy blogging, drop by again soon.

  4. What a great blog…I’ve always thought I was a bit different to everyone else, they were always so much more enthusiastic about being sociable than I ever was…I only came across this blog a few days ago (along with various other websites and blogs) and it has suddenly occured to me that I ‘fit’ into this box. I thought that maybe my life was just a little too hectic and that was the reason why I was always so tired…but in hindsight it really wasn’t a hectic fast paced life and specific things drained me more than others, like visting my ex’s family and friends…which used to suck the life out of me and my ex would always complain that I was ‘always tired’. Instead I found I was always more energised when I had my own time quiet time. So instead of worrying about being different I’m embracing it and I relish the idea of coming home of an evening and just being able to enjoy my own solo time to do whatever it is that re-energises me and I feel so much better for it!

  5. Riley…what a wonderful revelation for you.

    Being sociable, should be on your own terms. I’m glad you’ve discovered it. Embracing your introverted style while honouring the need for quiet time to regain energy is the best way to achieve a life you are happy with. You can then decide where and when you want to divert your social time.

    Good luck with your journey and welcome to the introverted movement. May your new found energy bring you peace and contentment. Hopefully, I can share more insight to improve your livelihood.

  6. Hi
    I m 27 , and I realized that I’m an introvert just over a year ago.
    There have been innumerable times that I have been embarrassed – in school, in college, and now, at work. In school , every parent teacher meeting, would just be about how quiet I am … — I have been humiliated , not because of what I’ ve done , but because of the kind of person I am.
    I’m also an anxious person. I’ m socially awkward, and several times , in an attempt to “fit in” or “be normal” , I have forced myself to be in social gatherings , and have ended up embarrassing myself.
    Well , there are good things too – Over the years , I have learnt to follow my instincts . I listened to my intuition and , with a lot of hard work and after years of struggle , have been able to get into a field in my profession that I m really passionate about .
    I felt relieved and happy as I read through the posts in this blog. It made me realize that I should focus more on my career , and the good things in life , rather than worry about what other people think about me.

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