introverts do not need to be cured

simply stephen / March 24, 2010

I’m introverted, not ill.

I need recharging not retuning.

The things I’m working on fixing are not related to being introverted.

Let it be known that introverts do not need to be cured.

All the time people say things like “you need to get out more” or “you aren’t shy, I see you socializing” and many varied comments. Schools try to force people to socialize. The work force insists on active participation. Friends and family encourage you to do more social activities and they miss the point.

You need to recharge, not stimulate yourself.

You can only do this in the way that works for you. There is no cure for over stimulation – only down time will fix this.

And when you don’t get it you will either seek more quiet time or you will burn out.

No magic pill will make you better.

Nothing is broken.

has this happened to you

Yet…there is a stigma attached with being introverted. If you don’t try to fit in and socialize. If you are an introvert who speaks out and takes the life that is rightly yours by producing quiet time and doing solitary activities then you often get shunned. Sometimes this attracts more attention.

Something you probably don’t want.

The solution…quit trying to be someone you are not.

Let the extroverted people politely know that you appreciate their concern or request for your company but when you need to have quiet time and gather your thoughts you hope that they can respect your wishes.

It is not inappropriate to indicate that without a recharge you will not be able to continue in any capacity. Sometimes telling it like it is, gets the point across.

Do you have a creative approach to dealing with the people that want to fix you?

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