introverts revolt, take back your personal space

simply stephen / June 19, 2012

This news flash is really nothing new.

Today, I thought I’d encourage all introverts to speak out. I know it may not be something you are particularly good at but the effort will be worth the gain.

As an introvert, I struggle to ask the extroverted world for a bit of space. It’s getting crowded out there. Cell phones, populated cities, crowded spaces, open offices in a highly social and active world.

Recently, I’ve been standing up for myself in terms of personal space. One of the many short term reasons I’ve moved off grid is to finally get some solitude for writing.

While community is important, it was not an immediate priority. I wanted to gradually integrate it into the mix.

Life happens.

And there is now a small community of 3 full timers with the owner living on the property. The resources are all concentrated in a small corner of the property so space (from an introverted writer’s point of view) is closing in on me.

That means adjustment and flexibility for everyone. It means learning to deal with character conflicts and differences in philosophy. It means discovering the different agenda and communicating to learn about the other people and their needs, passions and desires.


It also means letting people know, in no uncertain terms what you are trying to achieve and what you need to get that done.

No easy task if you don’t have clarity on your visions and goals. It’s hard to persuade people to respect your introverted style.

They might think, if you talk and are being social, that you are a social animal.

As you know, this is not the case.

You are being polite. You are interacting. You are trying to contribute. You are sometimes doing what they expect by participating and being social. Something that probably takes you out of your comfort zone.

It is tiring too, isn’t it?

One answer is to define what you need and let them know.

If that doesn’t work, try another approach.

time for a quiet revolution

If it still doesn’t work it’s time to revolt.

I’ve had my own quiet revolution the last few weeks and though the extra people will offer a distraction, I am pleased they are a part of the community.

To get my writing and quiet time I’ve decided to quite literally put up the red flag.

Quite literally.

On a tree. A red rag is going up on the days I need to be alone and writing (or in my thinking space).

Would I love to have the flag up 7 days a week? Sure. but I’ll probably only put it up during the weekdays and can retreat to a quite place between Friday and Sunday to gain some energy back on the weekends.

What’s your red flag?

Is there some way you need to tell the people in your life or community you need time or space?

Find out what it is you want and who you need to tell and than take back your personal space. After all, you need to recharge and function, don’t you?

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