what does it mean to be introverted

simply stephen / March 2, 2010

Shyness has very little to do with introversion. People that are anxious and socially inept may also not fit the true meaning.

So what does it mean to be introverted?

definition: to introspect, turn into ones inner feelings

Doesn’t give you much to go on, does it?

Sometimes a definition is misleading or incomplete. In fact, many definitions of introvert include the word shy. They make reference to words like hermit and loner. Not a pretty picture by social standards. No wonder introverts feel like they get a bum wrap.

So how do you pinpoint what introversion really means?

Actually, it’s quite easy.

An introvert regains their energy by being alone. Just like a hyperactive kid, they need quiet time.

An extrovert on the other hand gains energy from people and activity.

All the time people say to me “oh, you are fine talking with people”. Of course I am. I like talking with people. I enjoy interacting and sharing ideas. It’s just that after a while, my battery runs out and I need quiet time.

Then they respond to me “oh, I like my quiet time too”. To which I say “Of course you do, you are so burned out from spending all that time, doing all those activities with everyone”.

The difference is, quiet time is mandatory for introverts and over stimulation can be very harmful. But…an extrovert will become very restless and bored once they get too much rest. An extrovert will also gain momentum from the stimulation of interaction. This is not true with introverts, eventually the battery will drain.

So what can you do about it in a world designed for extroverts?

Why would you want to do anything? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

A close friend of mine has an expression:

My world is fine, everyone else is screwed up

I love this. Think about it.

Build a world that complements who you are. Let people embrace you for what you can offer. If they don’t let you – do it anyway!

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