10 reasons why green living is good for your mental health

simply stephen / April 27, 2012

Some of you may be aware of my other blog, simply stephen, about green simple living.

Simplicity and green living go hand in hand. It helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety. They are a match made in heaven.

Here’s why.

  1. conscious consumption – green living and simplicity are about making active, deliberate decisions. If you are aware of the choices you make, you will slowly become aware of the things that effect you. As your consumption is reduced so is the need to maintain it and all the stress to go with it.
  2. passion & purpose – discovering a single (or small handful) purpose of simple activities that make you feel alive will help you regain or maintain a happy ballance in life.
  3. exercise – being outdoors for a walk or participating in green activities helps keep an active and healthy body allowing more oxygen to feed the brain. In turn you will feel less tired and have a greater ability to handle obstacles.
  4. save money – trying to be green and embracing the simple things in life helps your budget. Instead of consumption the focus is put on doing it yourself, growing it yourself, keeping things from ending up in the waste cycle. You will learn to eliminate so many things you never knew you didn’t really need. Over time your wallet will grow and less bills means less stress.
  5. less harmful products – toxins in our homes are causing many health problems. If you eliminate the ones that are most dangerous and replace them with green (often cheaper) alternatives your health will immediately improve and continue to do so over time. Who doesn’t want that for their family?
  6. healthier eating – less meat, more organic and natural alternatives are just some of the ways to reduce toxins in your body. Eliminating processed foods, bottled water and harsh products from your food cycle will make you aware of what goes into your body and how it effects you. Starting to make your food from scratch is also a fulfilling pastime that can connect couples and feed you with passion and purpose.
  7. community – green living is about connecting with neighbours, friends and community. It’s about reaching out and being a part of the greater good. Something to feed you with vibrance and a sense of belonging.
  8. personal growth – if you start to make changes in your life you will start to grow in places you never thought possible. Growth and change help you to feel good about yourself and the world around you.
  9. one with nature – green living and simplicity go hand in hand with nature. The sights and sounds of nature are very therapeutic. Knowing your lifestyle is conserving the water, forest, air, wildlife and ultimately everyone in our delicate eco-system is reason enough to feel good.
  10. slow down – one aspect of green living is the slow movement, where people take the time to enjoy the world around them, in particular food and family. Less work, more deliberate living equals less stress.

Green living is not just about the environment. There are so many aspects of it.

It’s good for your health. It’s good for your energy level. It’s good for your wallet.


… it’s good for your mental health.

Explore your options on how to live a more green, simple, purposeful and enjoyable life. Visit simply stephen to learn more.

I promise it will make a difference to the stresses and depression you are currently feeling.


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