for a busy tomorrow, put it off today

simply stephen / January 22, 2010

It seems that life has become a flurry of activity. Nobody seems to have time for anyone else. We have all experienced busy…but at what cost?

  • a parent too busy to spend time with a child or vice versa
  • a friend seemingly unable to return a phone call or email
  • a promise “we should get together sometime” only never to happen

the most valuable asset

This list is endless. We focus our lives on tasks that result in material or professional gains. With each phone call missed, time spent with someone important is missed. What if that was the last time you saw them – ever?¬† The most valuable thing…time and loved ones.

Instead of spending your time twittering, chatting¬† by the water tank, reading those countless magazines and checking your emails and text messages 20 times a day – get to work. Don’t put off your tasks today. It’s a recipe to never have time. You will always have a busy tomorrow. So get to it. Accomplish what you need to do and then you will have the free time you need.

Think about it. Stop and spend the time with someone important. And spend it well.  Priorities. Nuff said.

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