how to stop complaining

simply stephen / November 30, 2010

Complaining is a habit many of us get into.

It’s a hard one to stop.

Especially, if you hang around people that complain all the time. It’s easy to do. Think about all the complaints you hear at work, on public transportation, in the shops, on television.

It’s everywhere.

do you really like hearing about it

Wouldn’t it be more refreshing to to hear positive news and be surrounded by positive people?

It’s a fact that you will be healthier and happier if you stop complaining and thinking negative thoughts.

We all want to be healthier, don’t we?

average people talk about people, good people talk about events, great people talk about ideas ~ancient proverb

Here are some very simple ways to help you to stop complaining:

  1. remove negativity – sometimes that includes eliminating or reducing the time you hang around with negative people. You’ve heard the expression ignorance breeds contempt. No reason to hang around the people that spread it.
  2. positive actions – treat yourself to positive activities. Do something that takes you one step closer to a goal. That positive action will motivate you to do more and make you feel good.
  3. stay healthy – walks (exercise), water and food reduce your lethargy. You are less likely to be moody and negative.
  4. avoid gossip – gossip creates bad feelings. If it’s not based on facts, it’s not good to get involved.
  5. never criticize – make a resolution to never criticize or condemn. It doesn’t feel nice to be criticized, especially when it is unsolicited, so stop criticizing the people you meet.
  6. practice gratitude – think about what is good. What are you thankful for? Then be thankful. If you want a trick, just look at the struggles other people have and you will realize just how good your life is. I’ve had friends who have had transplants and various life events far worse than mine. I count myself lucky.
  7. good news – gravitate towards positive and uplifting change oriented news & advice
  8. correct your actions – when you complain, remind yourself and correct the action. Look for alternative reactions and tools to change your thought patterns and responses.
  9. stick to the facts –  when communicating, instead of making inferences, just stick with the facts. This works well because when personal comments are made, nobody gets defensive or angry.

There are tons of resources and tools on positive actions, gratitude and change. If you want further help seek them out but by simply practising the changes above your friends, coworkers and family will see a big difference in your attitude.

The new and improved you will make a positive impact on your life and theirs.

Take the challenge.

Oh, and keep trying. There is no deadline on attempting to improve life.

1 thought on “how to stop complaining

  1. Great list of positive ways to change your focus. Surrounding yourself with positivity is the way to go. Everyone has a bad day now and again, but don’t waste your time on the chronically negative.

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