that’s not what I wanted

simply stephen / July 26, 2012

Sometimes life has a way of leading you down a different road than the one you thought you were traveling.

Maybe it takes twists and turns you follow because you are avoiding something else…maybe it just is.

The harder you try, the more amplified any obstacle will become.

Recently, I’ve been working so hard at writing, trying to get power and Internet in my off grid situation and building things to make my life a little more comfortable.

The result…I’ve aggravated a repetitive strain injury in my carpal tunnel (and all at a time my Ontario Health coverage needs renewing, not to mention the million things I am trying to get done).

It’s not what I wanted but I can learn to adjust. It will help me grow and become more than the sum total of everything I currently am.

I can recored my writing with voice, I can research and read, I can develop, I can use my left hand, I can exercise, I can learn to contribute in other ways. If I can’t play the guitar, I can practice singing or song writing.

I can also learn to communicate better with the people on my off grid community.

There are always alternatives. It may not be what you wanted but…

When life deals you lemons, make lemonade!

3 thoughts on “that’s not what I wanted

  1. Is this just my own subjective eerpeixnce, or are introverts often made to feel wierd ? I mean, thanks to comments from other, normal , people. It seems to me when I think back over the years to childhood, etc., that the kind of behavior I had that was typical of an introvert personality wasn’t always looked upon favorably. It didn’t really bother anyone, it just wasn’t enough in the norm.I’m beginning to think that what I’ve taken to be social anxiety is largely due to this not being able to be at peace with who I am, because of the attitudes of people around me (who wanted me to be different).Who’s got any ideas in this direction?

  2. Social anxiety is certainly formed by attitudes…but those attitudes are also our own. Feelings are also our responsibility. So true about introverted behaviour being looked down upon…but that’s changing.

    Be you. Stay you. Love you.

    As you become the you, the one you are at peace with, you will start to shine.

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