this too shall pass – all things are temporary

simply stephen / April 13, 2012

There’s an expression “when life deals you lemons, make lemonade” and today it seemed fitting for me to write about it.

If something is sour you need to sweeten it.

Life works like that too.

It deals you all sorts of surprises and you have to work with them instead of fighting against them.

I have tons on my plate this month. I’m getting ready to go off grid, trying to find the right supplies for my new home (a 1978 RV), minimizing my stuff and getting all my technology needs and internet chores out of the way because…next month I’ll be limited to library and internet cafe access to get all my blogging and phone calls done.

This winter it was hard to concentrate and get work done in an environment where my landlords where going through a bitter “divorce” and so on.

But…I plodded on.

It was just the way it was going to be.

I looked at it as a lesson in tolerance, patience and understanding.

It was motivating too. An affirmation of my choice – buying an RV was a good one.

It will increase my level of privacy, improve the sanity factor and expose me to beautiful surroundings.

Sure enough all of that patience has paid off and I’m piecing things together nicely.

There are set backs. I’ve had some surprise bills this month and today I had to deal with a bank error that means I have to call 4 organizations to get it fixed. Two down, two to go. It will waste about 10 hours of my time. Time better spent working on web stuff or writing.

Anywhooo….it’s just life. The practice dealing with large bureaucratic organizations will help me gain a greater understanding of what standards I want to have in place and how I want to deal with things in the future. Again…motivational.

Stuff is going to happen…again….and again…and again.

It’s out of our control and it will pass before you know it.

Life is fleeting and events are temporary.

No need to hit rock bottom because of the small stuff.

What I’m trying to say with all of this is “this too shall pass”.

It will and with each new day don’t think about something to worry about, instead consider what there is something to look forward to,

Sometimes, I need to take my advice a little more effectively but…I’m trying. You can too.


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