trouble coping – treat yourself this christmas

simply stephen / December 10, 2009

Perhaps you or someone you know needs a little help this Christmas. Maybe with organizing your life or something more serious. Instead of a lengthy list and a lecture, try one of these solutions to get yourself on track.

  1. Time Management – the best thing you can do here is learn to say NO. To do this you have to figure out what is important in your life and say no to all the unimportant things.
  2. Clutter – spend 5 minutes a day, every day, perhaps while you are talking on the phone and clean out one drawer.
  3. Debt – cut up one credit card
  4. Depression – choose healthy foods for the holidays – such as spinach, walnuts, fish & oats, oh and cacao (yep have some sweet treats, but easy on the sugar). You may also want to get a plant or two to add extra oxygen and reduce the toxins in your home.
  5. Fatigue – check out the ideas for depression. Sometimes there is no better cure for fatigue, than a little bit of exercise – maybe you aren’t getting enough oxygen in your bloodstream.
  6. Stress & Anger – sounds like it’s time for a little yoga or meditation. If this is not your thing then get out and watch a concert or even listen to some at home, perhaps while reading a great book.
  7. Divorce – nothing treats divorce like a casual date or bit of time with your friends. Take the time to get out and forget about your past. No time like the present. It might also be a good time to start a new tradition.
  8. Parenting – you probably need a little break from this. A day at the spa or weekend away for parents could be just the break you need.
  9. Work – do I have to state the obvious here? Take some time off. Some real time. Relax. Enjoy. Share.

So, nothing hard here. Try it. A remedy is just the trick if you ar having trouble coping – treat yourself this Christmas.

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