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If you are currently in a crisis or feeling suicidal please immediately seek the help you require. It is a priority to develop links to tools and resources, available by region, but this will take time.

You can visit the resource section here and please take care.

Welcome to cope with life (CWL)! I am pleased you have landed here. Here’s how you can get started.

step 1: get to know about me & the site purpose

I believe there are some people that struggle with life obstacles and social barriers more than others. I’ve had more than my fair share of obstacles and my life desire is reduce suffering and create awareness and change to the many social stigmas; including adoption, introversion, abuse, social anxiety and mental health.

This site is for the social outcasts, the people who feel they’ve slipped through the cracks and want to find just a little bit of solace and community. It’s for people trying to change and grow. Even an ounce less of suffering is a better life for you.

You can read my story and manifesto here. I also have a currently inactive personal blog on minimalism and simplicity called simply stephen.

The cope with life (CWL) short mission statement:

helping introverts (and everyone else) learn how to cope with life obstacles

Exhausted. Vulnerable. Depressed. Anxious. Apathetic. Afraid. Confused. Sad. Lonely. Angry. Hurt. Stressed.

And because of these problems (and more), you may have low self-esteem and confidence. You might also have lost your discipline or the ability to concentrate and focus.

Totally lost and struggling with your emotions, communication, social and life skills.

You are emotionally exhausted, lacking the passion and purpose you may have once had.

I know, I’ve been there (and sometimes slip back temporarily).

These are a number of social and health issues or barriers that many introverts (and everyone else) silently face and that’s where cope with life (CWL) steps in.

I want you to (re)discover the way to gain happiness, passion, peace, prosperity and a positivity. I would be pleased if it helped with even just a little bit less suffering.

AND…this isn’t just any old personal growth blog.

For the record, some of my stuff is targeted to middle-aged, male, introverts with social anxiety and mental health struggles. That’s who I am, so that’s who I relate to.

It’s not a clinical, medical or professional service.

It’s peer support.

I’m just like you (actually, I’m unique, just like you…). I’m here to help you find your footing.

  • We have the power to change and can choose to grow.
  • We can build character and break habits.
  • We can learn new skills and find our passions, happiness and success (perhaps again).
  • We can get treatment and learn how to cope with emotions and our past or current issues
  • We can understand why we are who we are and our loved ones can too. In that process, we can learn to accept and love ourselves.
  • We can be mindful and use simple living as a tool to reduce life obstacles.

I’m here to help you find out how and to get started.

Isn’t it time you stopped suffering and started living?

step 2: be a part of the community

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step 3: grow, learn and start to change

There are currently (as of spring 2017) about 150 articles on CWL. They discuss various life issues and lessons.

They provide insights and thought-provoking, actionable content in manageable chunks. 

They direct you to resources so you can pursue and cope with your life obstacles (catching the theme here).

I also like to filter out the noise to get you the information you need. Why complicate things?

Here are a good cross section and some articles to get you started.

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10 ways to beat the winter blues

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steps to discover your values, virtues and beliefs

what is integrity

three poisons: greed, anger and ignorance (series)

can’t find what you are looking for?

Why don’t you contact me and ask me to research an idea or answer a question?

You can also look at our ever growing resource section to find other great sources of help.

step 4: connect with me on social media

I like to keep this simple.

If you are anything like me, introverted and still facing mental health issues, you need time to recharge. That being said, I still love to connect and help.

please make comments on the blog

I want your feedback and participation. This is about us and you, not me. By creating a dialogue, we help everyone to grow, change, heal and learn.

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I’ve just started on Pinterest and I’m putting together a great resource board  at copewithlife. It’s a great way to visually share useful tools, resources and websites.

I’m currently not managing an active Facebook or Google Plus page but when time and resources permit, I will entertain the options, ones that meet your needs.

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step 5: contact, collaborate & support

There are so many things I want to change in this world but I can’t do it alone. I’m open to ideas, collaboration and have many ideas that need the synergy of many. I want you to be a catalyst for change.

I write guest blog posts for a donation. You can learn more about this on my writer for hire page.

If you want to connect professionally, please contact me to discuss opportunities or ideas and you are welcome to follow me on LinkedIn.

step 6: sponsor my walks for awareness

Sponsors wanted for a permanent “walks for awareness” program in development.

Stop the Stigma! Coming soon to raise awareness on the stigmas in society. I have to yet to set up the crowdfunding sponsorship site or website but please register here and I will inform you in the near future.

This summer, I’m crowdfunding for the first in a series of very large hikes, journies to raise awareness. I hope to continue this each year. I’d like to make with my sole purpose to include town hall meetings and engage communities both locally and globally.

I’m a Social Change Agent, promoting and advocating awareness on social stigmas including mental health, introversion, adoption and social anxiety.

I will have a page or website up by May 2017 to provide you with full details.

final words

Again, take the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter where you will get subscription only content designed just for you.

Thank you for visiting and good luck with your journey, I look forward to helping you find your pathway to gain happiness, passion, peace, prosperity and positivity.