is dogma getting in the way of your progress

simply stephen / July 19, 2011

It’s nice to have a few luxuries around, isn’t it?

You’d love to see poverty and disease eliminated, right?

You worry about the environment and social issues?

we all want a better world

In some way we all want a better world. We want our children to have better opportunities. We want to be healthier, happier and safer.

Is dogma is getting in the way of your progress?

Without progress we would not have a better world.

Men will die upon dogma but will not fall victim to a conclusion. ~ John Henry Newman

The changes that you see throughout the globe happen because people let go of old ways – social tolerance, longevity, increased literacy, contraception, fertility drugs, cancer cures, cultural awareness, access to information, education, diversity, divorce, environmental awareness…a very long list.

The innovations you use – computers, electricity, telephones, cellphones, cars, photography, satellite, airplanes, running water in homes…did not exist in mass 50 years ago.

There are certainly some setbacks and horrific inventions such as climate change and weapons of mass destruction but the positives far outweigh the negative impact we have suffered.

Socially, we expect more and more.

Our focus is becoming more central and self-oriented but we expect someone else to make the changes. The government, our neighbours, corporations…someone else can do that, it’s not my job.

It is your job.

keep an open mind

Someone had to discover, dream and invent and speak out. To get all of those things, someone had to go against the grain.

They had to want more.

A better way.

A better solution.

More luxury.

More life.

A better…anything and everything.

To get progress now someone still has to discover, dream, invent and speak out.

It won’t happen if you hold your beliefs stubbornly and stop everything that is going on. Dogma stops progress. Political, social and scientific attitudes stop the impossible from happening.

That limits the progress.

It increases the time it takes to discover a solution or cure. To grow and change one has to to let go of limiting beliefs. You can address that by changing yourself. Your beliefs limit the possibilities and contribute to many of your life obstacles.

What if your loved one needed a medical solution or the planet needed clean water and air?

Isn’t it time you put your dogma out for a walk?

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