steps to discover your values, virtues and beliefs

simply stephen / March 23, 2012

Recently we introduced you to virtues as a starting point for happiness. Developing an arsenal of virtues might sound like a daunting task. Maybe it sounds righteous.

Believe me, it’s not.

It’s a foundation for so much more life.

Your life.

It’s a good source of healing.

It reduces stress and eliminates conflict.

Everyone needs building blocks to work with and everyone has them. Your experiences and influences have shaped you. You can grow by developing your foundation.

Those virtues are actually strengths.

They are values you possess. You have since you were young.You just didn’t know it.

Your values shape how you make decisions and tell you what is important.

Before you explore new virtues or develop ones to help with your specific issues, it’s important to discover your existing values and beliefs.

That will help emphasize what you are good at. That will help build your confidence and esteem.

It points out the gaps for you to work on.

Beliefs can change. You are the one in control.

By discovering your authentic self it will contribute to a healthier attitude. You can focus on the person you want to be.

Once you know your values and beliefs you can practice them.

You will need to test for your values and beliefs.

There are tests you can take online but I found the easiest way to determine my values was through elimination. I started out with a list of 300+ virtues and put the ones that resonated with me in a list. I was left with about 100. I then narrowed that down to about 30 and put them in order. I’ll share that with you another time.

Go ahead. Grab a pen and paper.

Here’s a link to a list of over 400 virtues, values, strengths, beliefs.

Once I discovered mine, I a much better understanding of why they were important to me. I was able to strengthen my core beliefs even more.

I was also able to work on less prominent and important ones to develop and strengthen my character.

I’m not stopping until I’ve worked on them all.

Now that you’ve discovered your set of values and beliefs, start looking at the ones you can improve immediately. The things you are good at. Master them.


Pick one that will help you focus on a specific issue. Don’t take on too many at once…just small steps with a focused effort. In a couple years you will probably be a mini-master in a couple dozen virtues.

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