virtues for a path to happiness

simply stephen / March 13, 2012

Positive people lead a much happier, healthier life.

While positivity is one key to healing your heart, helping with your depression and hastening your path from rock bottom, there are many virtues to help lead a better life.

Life involves personal growth.

Building character.

Creating a solid foundation.

Philosophers have debated the value of virtues for thousands of years. Religion has discussed them in scripture and sermon. Organizations have incorporated them to develop business and people. Great minds have listed them as secrets to their success.

Regardless of motive, there is no doubt, every virtue added to your arsenal increases your chance of success and happiness.

With virtue and experience comes wisdom.

Powerful tools.

It opens up windows of opportunity and in the same breath removes you from the trap of insanity.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ` Albert Einstein

the anti-virtue

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The same is true for virtues.

Each obstacle you face is correlated to one (or several) of your behaviours. Those actions are the ones causing your pain or harm.

These are harmful character traits or anti-virtues. They exist in the form of negativity, anger, hate, jealousy, greed and so forth. (This deserves a full article and resource area).

Each of them have an antidote.

There is a formula just for you. A special recipe based on your problems and behaviours.

To heal it’s important to start learning the virtues directly related to your issue(s). Sure, you still need to understand and explore your issues but you need to attack them from many different angles.

You need to grow. Staying in the same spot isn’t helping you.

You need to change what isn’t working.

Fear not.

Developing a combination of virtues, depending on how well you master them, will help alleviate or eliminate one or many of your issues.

Obviously, the more virtuous you become, the better your life will be, since eliminating the source of frustration will make an immediate impact.

Pretty overwhelming?

It doesn’t need to be. It’s possible you are trying to do too much.

Small chunks work best.

Focus on one virtue. Then move on to the next.

Notice how I said “focus on the virtue and not the issue”. If you focus on the issue, which is a negative, it draws you to a negative state. It also diminishes your chance for success because you are simply exploring the issues and not the solutions.

Part of the solution is to develop virtues and skills to assist with your issues.

You already possess a basket full of virtues.

Maybe you just weren’t aware of it.

You’ve been using them your whole life. Some of them are a strength. Your foundation already exists.

As you incorporate each new virtue into your life, you will begin to feel little changes. As you master one, you will be able to develop another.

It’s motivating.



Those changes will make you feel vibrant and alive. Maybe for the first time.

it’s not over until the fat lady sings

You are not finished with the task of gaining virtue until you have mastered them all.

An impossible task.

A constant cycle.

Learning from everything you see and everyone you meet.

It takes a lifetime.

A journey that should be savoured.

It ends when you are no longer alive.

Nothing to worry about until then, each day brings something.

Something new.

Something to look forward to.

Something to gain.

Something to learn about.

Something to enjoy.

the never ending list of virtues

There are many virtues. Hundreds in fact. So many wonderful skills to explore and savour.

Some are much more specific to your issues. You may want to start with some of the powerful healing virtues first.

To discover the virtues you need to help overcome your life obstacles will involve further investigation.

You need to research and understand what virtues, beliefs and values you already possess. You also need to pinpoint the anti-virtues getting in the way.

That’s your starting point.

We will open that door the next time. In the meantime, think about some of the things you want to change and some of the character traits you admire in people.