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freelance personal growth and mental health writer
freelance personal growth and mental health writer

I’m an ambassador, agent, advocate and freelance article writer for social change, mental health and personal growth, especially for introverts.

More specifically, I write peer support articles for your website, magazine, blog or newsletter. I also proofread articles for non-native english speakers.

I don’t write technical, medical, web copy and content or manage social media campaigns. Nor am I an editor. I stick with writing great, well researched, actionable articles to provoke thought and social change.

I’m not a doctor or professional therapist. I’ve lived it. I’ve battled depression and various other aspects of life and am here for peer support through the written word and community.

I’m an agent for social change and justice;  an advocate for the stigma of mental health; an advocate for introverts; and a minimalist with a unique lifestyle.

You can read my manifesto here and to learn more about me and the cope with life (CWL) website by visiting my story or the site purpose pages. You can view my personal blog simply stephen about minimalism and non-traditional lifestyles.

I care about the audience. Your audience.


So, if you want well researched quality articles or proofreading and light editing for non native english speakers, look no further.

article writing

Well written articles are hard to come by.

It takes time to research and craft each one. Your time is valuable and better applied to work on your business so you can focus on what you do best and what’s important.

Let me write articles for your business or blog so you can grow your client base, support their needs and keep them informed.

areas of focus

Specializing in some key areas:

  • the introverted angle
  • understanding and learning social or work skills
  • building character and virtues with baby steps
  • simplicity and minimalism as a tool for living
  • breaking habits and creating positive life changes

additional interests and passions include:

  • coping with anxiety, depression and social pressures
  • varied green and alternative lifestyle topics
  • travel (perpetual, nomad lifestyle, budget, lightweight, alternative)
  • frugal living
  • stigma of mental health and other social issues

Some social topics I am familiar with include:

  • adoption
  • abuse
  • bullying
  • divorce
  • workplace issues

Those are just a few areas I can help you and your clients with, but please contact me here  if you think you have an interesting article or project to discuss.


Starting rates are $USD 60 for a 250 word article and increases by $15 USD for every 250 words.

For larger orders we can discuss the price.

As a nomad and perpetual traveller I have to carefully plan my resources and time. Therefore, I have limited space available per month with a cap of 12 articles total. If my schedule is booked for the month we will need to look at the next available time.

proofreading and light editing for non-native english speakers

Don’t you want your articles to read well? I’m sure you do.

Quality and comprehension is important. Your clients are important! They deserve to understand the message you are trying to share with them.

It’s good business.

As a nomad, who travels perpetually and has lived in Spain for several years, I realize how easy it is for the words to get lost in translation.

Sometimes, it even gets you in trouble. The context changes and the message is not quite the same.

Why not go the extra mile and have your articles and documents checked, to improve the quality and readability?

I’ve prepared hundreds of documents for both web internal purpose.

I’m a certified TEFL instructor trained to teach English as a foreign language. My background includes writing and communication support. I am professionally trained in marketing communications.


Starting rates are $USD 5 for a 100 words.

why hire me?

Maybe you have noticed, my titles are in lowercase. That’s just my brand and style for the websites. Don’t worry, my punctuation and grammar are fine.

I hope I’ve managed to demonstrate my passion and background here but let’s put this all in perspective. There are a boatload of writers and content mills that churn out articles for the sake of making money.

I offer much more.

quality of service

Hopefully you realize the value of good content but finding a writer or quality article can be difficult. The web is so diluted now with content churned out at an incredible pace.  Facts aren’t checked, pages aren’t edited or designed for readability  and the grammar is poor.

What makes me the right fit?

  • reasonable turnaround to deliver high quality content to meet your schedule or deadline.
  • background in marketing communication
  • Canadian and British with strong exposure to both American, British and Canadian writing styles and spelling
  • natural friendly article tone
  • 2 free revisions

Here’s the intangibles:

  • Passion and desire to help your audience
  • I’ve lived it
  • Thought provoking and well researched authority content
  • Time for you to work on your business

Let me help you come up with unique content to engage your visitors.

still not convinced?

No problem. I understand. This is your business and your audience. Here’s a quick recap of some of the places I’ve written, contracted or offered administrative and technical support, including writing in chronological order:

  • Sustainable Technologies | marketing, sales and support
  • Ontario Hospital Association | writing and executive administrative support
  • University of Toronto, Department of Medicine | web content creation & edit
  • Maclaren McCann (part of IPG Advertising) | IT Department, help desk, writing & tech support
  • Strategic Networks Group (SNG) | web content and marketing material
  • Virtual (VRED) | monthly editorial
  • The Bold Life | guest post
  • Cope with life | blog articles, social media and page content
  • Simply stephen | blog articles and social media content

How about taking me for a test ride? Try a weekly article for a period of a month and you can see how your audience responds.

You can either email me: stephen AT simplystephen DOT ca  or fill in the contact form below.